Carrier Energy Management solutions

Carrier Energy Management solutions provide end users with low energy, high performance and enhanced indoor air quality and comfort.

These energy management solutions are designed and developed with the support of engineers from Carrier Energy Management Centre of Excellence.
Their expertise ensure the solutions are fully tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Key advantages

Maximum energy efficiency and lower cost of ownership
A highly monitored control system immediately lowers operating costs. By managing load shedding and equipment schedules, it can achieve annual energy savings of 15% to 35%*.

Scalability and flexibility
Carrier delivers a scalable and reliable automated control solution uniquely tailored to each business, based on an understanding of its specific needs.

Carrier solutions reliably pilot equipment, maintaining peak functionality and thereby preventing unanticipated system and equipment failure.

Single accountability
Carrier designs, supplies, configures and maintains the installation and its operating system, providing customers with a single point of contact.

Optimal comfort
Automatic controls maintain optimal ambient conditions within a facility, for constant measured comfort for all occupants.

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